“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” —1 John 4:11

As I write, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! The smell of roses fills grocery stores, and little cards are on display for children to give their classmates. This is a good reminder to me that LOVE IS A VERB — and that God’s love is not a once-a- year bouquet, or an infrequent word of affection given — but it is active and alive for each of us every day…. and my love toward others should be the same! 
The verse above from I John 4:11 is on the back of our gogos’ T-shirts, and is a reminder of this truth whenever they meet together!

Yesterday I received a report that read… “Our Gogo Grandmothers groups here in Malawi are very unique in strength, compassion and love for one another. The gogos are able to help one another in times of need.”

This kind of love speaks loudly to everyone in the villages and impacts the little children, the youth and even the village leaders. God is weaving a tapestry of His love that also includes all of you who are connecting with this ministry in prayer, service and giving. These God-given love connections remind me of the lyrics of a song… 

"Weave, weave, weave us together, 
Weave us together in unity and love. 
Weave, weave, weave us together, 
Weave us together, together in love.

We are many textures, we are many colors, 
Each one different from the other. 
But we are entwined in one another in one great tapestry.”

Someday we will see the whole picture of God’s weaving… but for now, let me share a few of the threads of His love being woven together in Malawi because of your love In action!

Leslie Lewis