Full Job Description and Duties

National Director – Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment (SAFE)

Recruitment Notice

The Organization:

SAFE is a Christ-centered NGO, based in Malawi, with a mission to “change lives in vulnerable communities as we share God’s love and truth in words and actions.”  It has a multi-generational ministry to the young and old, through three distinct but synergistic programs:

  1. Education and Youth Development activities, including WHY WAIT? life skills training in schools and clubs, Mother Groups, mentoring/tutoring and scholarship programs.
  2. Early Childhood Development, through community-based child care centers and parental training – to develop the learning abilities & holistic health of children, 0-8 years old.
  3. Gogo Grandparent Support, including spiritual training, psycho-social support, and physical assistance – to improve the well-being of grandparents and enable them to effectively care for vulnerable children.

Job Description

SAFE-Africa Board of Directors and SAFE Board of Directors seek a National Director to provide strategic leadership and operational management, in a true servant-leader fashion, to the SAFE team for the fulfillment of SAFE’s mission and programmatic objectives.  Following are the duties and responsibilities of this position, as well as the required qualifications and skills.



  • Lead, in the fashion of Jesus, with strength and humility, as a servant-leader, all aspects of institutional operations and interactions with all staff and stakeholders.
  • Foster the development of an organizational culture of excellence and teamwork, focusing on effective strategy formulation and execution, high impact and innovative programming, strong accountability and effective reporting, transparent communication, and cost-effective operations, as well as continuous learning and institutional improvement.
  • Lead a strong and effective SAFE Management Team (SMT) to oversee SAFE’s programs and operations.
  • Lead and mentor staff through organizational change, fostering unity and love and respect. 
  • Ensure the spiritual vitality of all aspects of SAFE’s operations, including its people, programs and partnerships.


Representation, Networking and Fundraising

  • Represent the work of SAFE to the GOM Ministry of Education and Ministry of Gender, Women and Children, to the communities and schools that SAFE serves, to SAFE-Africa Board of Directors and SAFE Board of Directors, and to other key stakeholders.
  • Network with Government, all major donors and stakeholders to raise SAFE’s visibility and to enhance the influence of SAFE’s programs on the work of others.
  • Develop new funding opportunities, in-country, for SAFE programs.
  • Ensure programmatic successes are documented for donor fundraising purposes.

Operations Management

  • Protect and promote the Christian philosophy of SAFE, ensuring programs and training and curricula are consistent with SAFE’s mission and values and all reflect a sound Biblical worldview.
  • Oversee the design and implementation of all programs and partnerships to carry-out SAFE’s multi-year strategy, and ensure strategic focus of all programming, effective execution, and appropriate spiritual content.
  • Ensure Monitoring and Evaluation processes are implemented to provide measurement of achievement and progress toward all major program goals, and ensure regular, timely reporting at all established levels.
  • Guide the annual development of SAFE’s operating budget, in close collaboration with the Director of Finance and Administration and the SAFE-Africa Board of Directors.
  • Ensure the effective stewardship of all resources – human, financial and physical assets (vehicles, equipment, property and facilities).
  • Direct the formulation of policies for the staff and operations, and the consistent, quality execution of policies.
  • Liaise with the SAFE-Africa Board of Directors and SAFE Board of Directors on major operational matters.
  • Liaise with the International Coordinator(s) on new proposal development, communication with external stakeholders and preparation for international mission teams coming to Malawi.
  • Collaborate closely with the U.S. Coordinator on reporting and major operational matters. 


Human Resource Management

  • Cultivate and motivate staff and model teamwork, transparency, and excellent communication, and intentionally foster cohesion and commitment within the staff team. 
  • Invest in the development of the SMT as leaders.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to the SAFE-Malawi staff team, including building Christian worldview and strengthening the integrated spiritual/socio-cultural/physical nature of the ministry. 
  • Monitor the recruitment and development of staff.
  • Ensure the performance appraisals, and any resultant actions, are conducted with consistency and transparency, in keeping with SAFE’s HR policies, practices and values.


Required Qualifications and Skills

The candidate will demonstrate the following:

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is vital and growing, that is visible in one’s family, community/church and workplace
  • A Biblical worldview (consistent with Romans 12:2 and with the spiritual and philosophical foundations of the SAFE ministry) and demonstrated commitment to holistic ministry, as evidenced in vocational work or extra-curricular activities
  • Demonstrated excellence as a team-builder and servant-leader
  • Visionary, with demonstrated success operationalizing a vision and strategy
  • At least five years in a senior position leading an organization (or major unit within an organization) with multiple projects, including experience in leading formulation of program strategy, casting vision, and developing implementation plans
  • Experience leading a diverse team, including program and finance/administrative operations, and in mentoring/discipling others
  • Strong evidence of commitment to excellence and ability to manage for results
  • Knowledge of performance management, monitoring and evaluation, and sound fiscal management principles
  • Successful problem-solver, with strong critical thinking skills, and able to forge organizational consensus to move forward
  • Effective communicator, with excellent written and oral communication skills, including storytelling, and experience in report writing
  • Experience in fundraising and/or external networking and organizational representation
  • Master’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience
  • A clear sense of “calling” to work with SAFE and carry out its mission and vision

Required Traits

  • Humility, and willingness to solicit input and listen to others
  • Inquisitive; desire to learn and personally grow
  • Innovative; able to “think outside the box” and continuously open to new ways to do things better
  • Energetic, with strong work ethic
  • Highly organized and able to manage diverse demands and still meet deadlines

Desired Qualifications

  • Success in fundraising, including proposal writing, in one or more areas relevant to SAFE’s program objectives
  • Experience with SAFE programs or similar activities  
  • Experience in Christian leadership and/or teachin

Interested applicants should submit a CV, with detailed cover letter addressing their interest and how they meet the required qualifications and skills, by 3 April 2018 to: safe.nd.2018@gmail.com.