"In Your Honor" Gift Card (Giraffe theme)

"In Your Honor" Gift Card (Giraffe theme)

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A very unique way to honor a beloved parent, child, or special friend. This large 5" x 7" card, wrapped in a giraffe skin print sleeve and delivered in a copper metalic envelope, makes an very elegant statement.  The "To:" honoree's name is written on the sleeve.  The "In Your Honor" card slides out and on the back side the donated "honor gift" is revealed along with the "From:" donor's name(s).

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Along with photos on the reverse side, a text paragraph introduces the ministry of SAFE / Gogo Grandmothers in the rural villages of Malawi, Africa, one of the world's poorest countries.  The donated gift supports one of the activities helping orphaned children being raised by a grandparent to get the educational start and support needed to succeed in school--vital to escaping poverty.  

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