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Sponsor a Village Gogo

One-time and larger gifts are vital support, but the ongoing work of Gogo Grandmothers in Malawi relies on faithful monthly donations from our team of village gogo sponsors.  $30 a month--just a dollar a day-- sustains all the direct assistance and staffing needed to deliver quality support to the gogos and orphans. You are invited to sponsor one or more gogos in a particular village or our village work in general.  Please begin today.

Mail your tax deductible gift by check or money order
payable to "Gogo Grandmothers" to:

Gogo Grandmothers
3460 Marron Road, Suite 103-476
Oceanside, CA 92056-4675



• Critical applications of fertilizer to assure a good maize crop,and food security all year for her family of orphans.

• A warm blanket and mosquito net for each as needed.

• What a school-age child needs to go to school.

• Support for village pre-school workers and a feeding program to assure that each vulnerable child has a daily nutritious meal.

• A staff person to deliver spiritual teaching and training on hygiene,nutrition and child development, and to evaluate, prioritize and distribute what member gogos need.

• A photo of the gogos and children in your village, and a village map. Regular updates, prayer requests and news are available at

PLEASE NOTE:  Clicking the above button will open an email message form. In the message area, please state your decision to be a regular village gogo sponsor.  Include the 2 details below:

  1. The number of gogos you wish to sponsor  (i.e. $30.00 monthly for 1 village gogo,  $60.00 monthly for 2 village gogos,  $15.00 monthly for half-a village gogo. Etc.  (A specific grandmother name in a village is not provided to prevent the problem of jealously in the village. Only the gogos who register and participate in the village gogo group program receive assistance.)
    If your sponsorship is for a particular village, please name the village and/or the church Gogo Group with which you associate. 
  2. The way your donation will be made monthly. Options:
  • (Preferred) By automatic withdrawl from you checking account.  Mail in a voided personal check or list in the message area the Bank Name, the name on the checking account, the Bank routing number and account numbers shown on the bottom of your check.)
  • By personal check, mailed to Gogo Grandmothers each month at the address above.

Clicking the YELLOW button here will open the very secure Gogo Grandmothers page at There you can enter your charge card number, personal information and sponsor details in the fields provided.


If your employer has a charitable gift matching program, please ask us for the documents You need to Submit to qualify your donation.