Updated December 1, 2018

Prayer is primary!  

"I firmly believe God continues to answer the prayers of His people even after He has taken them to heaven. Never forget that God isn’t bound by time the way we are. We see only the present moment; God sees everything. We see only part of what He is doing; He sees it all. " --Billy Graham


One of SAFE’s Caregivers (preschool teacher) helping children learn their ABCs. It wasn’t long ago children in this village gathered in a tiny stick enclosure with a dirt floor and grass roof.

One of SAFE’s Caregivers (preschool teacher) helping children learn their ABCs. It wasn’t long ago children in this village gathered in a tiny stick enclosure with a dirt floor and grass roof.

Pray for…

  • Pray for good rainsbut not damaging storms this farming season, so that our gogos can produce enough food to feed the children and donate a portion of their maize (corn) to the CBCCs (preschools). The rains have started and the gogos are planting their seed.

  • Pray for future appointments with the contacts Charlotte Daymadewhen she had Thanksgiving dinner with the American Ambassador to Malawi. At the dinner she spoke with the Minister of Health about SAFE’s work and the next day had an insightful appointment with the head of the World Bank in Malawi. When leaving God gave her a joyful reunion with her former student who heads up the School Health & HIV/AIDS in Min. of Education. She loves SAFE’s WHY WAIT? Life Skills curriculum and wants to help. Next step… Prayer, then appointmentsset up with them to open doors for Why Wait? -- hopefully before Christmas.

  • Pray for Wide open doors to bring Why Wait?teacher’s training, curriculum and Bibles into all the primary and secondary schools surrounding our 20 CBCCs in all three regions of Malawi. (Over half of Malawi’s population is under 18 years of age, and the HIV/AIDs infection rate is over 10%)

  • Pray for the situation in Mwaiwandigwela Villagewhere Chief Mwandiyesamwana has decided to close and confiscate the Community Based Childcare Center we remodled there, resulting in the shifting of the location of the CBCC to Chief Mtuwa’s area. This has inconvenienced the children and the gogos thereby affecting enrolment. Thank the Lord for the gogos who were able to intervene in the closure of Mwaiwandigwela CBCC by looking for an alternative place. Pray for this prideful chief to come to know Jesus as his Savior. 

  • Continue to pray for the team of educators we are calling B.U.I.L.D. (Building/Bible Understanding In Literacy Development). Mary Phiri, Brenda Lisimba, Charlotte Day and several educators in Malawi, and Stacy Meyer and her team in the U.S.. Pray for wisdon and fundingto develop the most useful Chichewa literacy materials for our CBCCs and beyond! There are no books written in Chichewa for preschoolers and we have an opportunity to make many of these books with Biblcal content.  

  • Pray for SAFE Havenkids who are preparing a Christmas programand drama for their parents and the nearby commuity in Zomba. Pray many hear the true message of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords through these children. There are many Muslim womancoming to the knitting group who are hearing the Word of God. Pray they will come to know Christ.

  • Prayfor more teachers for the Mailbox Clubs.(After school children’s ministry in the public schools around our sponsored villages) Pray for this ministry of evangelizing, discipleship, mentoring and equipping kids for life and ministry. 

  • Pray for the children from our CBCCs(preschools) who have gone on to primary school. Praythey will stay in school. Pray for the teacherswho work in poor, crowded environments -- often without cement floors, books or desks. 

  • Pray for God’s direction and provision for SAFE’s first one day retreat for all SAFE sponsored needy orphaned students who are receiving schools fees.These retreats would be held in all three regions when schools close in Decemberto encourage these students to work hard in school. The students will have a chance to interact with some wonderful role models who will inspire them. (We are sponsoring 133 secondary students this year)

  • Pray that the CBCCs (preschools) being built right now in the rainy season -- Tayamba CBCC in Luzi for 75 preschoolers -- Chiyambi CBCC at Lake Chilwa for 199 preschoolers and Muwowo CBCC at Chipayika for 78 little ones will always be schools where childen will develop mental, social, physical and spiritual health.

  • Continue to pray for the favourable outcome of the Memorandum of Understanding between SAFE and Zomba City Councilregarding the expansion of the SAFE Haven area and the future Memorial Library for Dick Day.

  • Continue to pray for God to multiply our Gogo groups and sponsors in the U.S. and to perfectly match them to the needs and growth of our programs and personnel in Malawi! 

  • Pray for each of our SAFE staff:

Happy MakalaExecutive Director
Charlotte DaySAFE International Coordinator
Mary PhiriDirector of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers 
Benjamin KhosweDirector of Finance and Administration
Precious Ntibula, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Catherine CheongaRegional Education Coordinator 
Lameck KananjiJesus Film Coordinator 
Aaron GondweSAFE Haven Supervisor 
Brenda LisimbCommunity Supervisor-Zomba 
Michael Mvundula KhumaloCommunity Supervisor-Kachindamoto
Timaleni BiswickAccounts Assistant
Sydney KapinduDriver

Thank God for…

  • For providing all 2257 registered gogosin all the 12 gogo groups in the five districts where SAFE is working with their seed and fertilizer money for this planting season. 

  • For the gogos who had a “Prayer Walk” to pray for their community at Lake Chilwa, 125 gogos  (85 women and 40 men) participated. Another Prayer Walk session was conducted at Kapitikusya in Zomba District and 86 people (55 women and 31 men) participated.

  • For the 652 boy and 392 girls who were part of SAFE Haven’s activities in Octoberto develop them physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually through Bible studies, scripture memory, sports, tutoring, crafts, music, drama, counseling and team building. Thankful for the new SH parent support group whose membership has increased to 25 members -- one who is helping tutor students in math. (SAFE Haven is SAFE’s outreach center for urban village children and youth, 6-18 years-old, in Zomba City)

    After a September Why Wait? training of teachers from 23 schools, it is expected that 9,790 students will be impacted in these schools. Where WW? has been taught, teachers are seeing measurable changes in the behavior and performance of the students.

    For the 23 inmates at Mikuyu 2 Prisonwho received certificates for finishing the 12 lessons on discipleship. The group will continue with the next 12 lessons. A film on God’s story from “Creation to Eternity” was shown at Mikuyu 1 Prisonwhere 115 inmates attended. 28 inmates have signed up to do the first 12 Bible study lessons.

    That evangelism and discipleshipare not a stand alone programs in the villages, schools, prisons and hospital through the Jesus Film, Mailbox Clubs and Bible studies -- but they are also an intrical part of all of SAFE’s programs. 

    For the inner walls for classroomsthat are being provided for the huge preschool for 600+ children in Kachindamoto and the new brick making device that will be a blessing to this community!

Thank you for teaming up to make a difference in 2018!