Updated October 25, 2017

Prayer is primary!  

"The main idea is to pray for the grandmothers. Many of them don't know Christ as their Saviour. They need to know the Lord and they need His help in raising these children."    
--Charlotte Day

Pray for…

  • Pray for strength for the gogos as they prepare their gardens for the rainy season coming in December. Pray for God to provide a good harvest physically and spiritually in the villages this year.
  • Pray that the Malawi government’s partial fertilizer subsidy coupon will be given to the gogos in November. Even with the subsidy, the cost of fertilizer and seed is too much for a poor gogo -- without some help.
  • Pray for our staff who will be training and equipping many public school teachers in our Why Wait? Life Skills Curriculum this school year. Pray that thousands of children will be taught a biblical worldview that will impact them all their lives! ½ of Malawi’s population is under 18 years old.
  • Pray for the pre-school children in Tikondane who are holding classes under a tree. Pray that their CBCC (preschool) will be finished before the rains begin so they will have a safe shelter.
  • Pray for favor and a GOOD Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Zomba about the expansion of our SAFE Haven ministry on park property. We would love to see another classroom, library and permanent sports fields added for the children being tutored and discipled.
  • Charlotte Day fell in a village and cut her leg. Continue to pray for the deep, painful wound on her leg to heal.
  • Pray for God’s direction as we search for a new Executive Director for SAFE. Our wonderful, dedicated Moira Chimombo will be retiring next year.
  • Pray for a good start for our Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Mr. Precious Ntibula. Pray he and his family will quickly feel a part of the SAFE staff team as he begins his important work of tracking the details and outcomes our programs.
  • Pray for the 25 chiefs in Kawiya (many are Muslim) who viewed the Magdalena Film. They were convicted by what they saw. Pray for many to be drawn to Jesus as the film is shown to others in their villages.
  • Pray for the SAFE Life Youth clubs as they seek a ways to serve and also raise funds for school and necessities. Building fuel-efficient stoves for gogos is one project they want to try.
  • Pray for our 5 new Teen Mother Clubs that gather for sharing, encouragement and Bible study.
  • Pray for those coming to the parenting training we have introduced in villages. The biblical truths about love and forgiveness in a family is having a great impact.
  • Pray for our 88 caregivers who teach the young children in our 22 sponsored Community Based Childcare Centers. Pray they strive for excellence and grow in their own love for Jesus and dedication to teach the children.
  • Pray that the 2,220 preschool children that attend our sponsored preschools will develop a deep love for Jesus. Pray each child will know that they are loved -- and learn the skills they need to prepare for primary school.
  • Pray for the 93 orphans being raised by gogos who are receiving school fees for secondary school. Pray they will be persevering in their studies and successful in passing their tests.
  • Pray for the medical clinic in Chipayika village to be finished and equipped, and for a Christian doctor and nurse to be assigned to live there.
  • Pray for the health and protection of Head Chief Theresa Kachindamoto, the Traditional Authority in Kachindamoto, who is abolishing child marriages in her district.
  • Pray for our leaders of Gogo Groups here in the US who need God's wisdom and strength to persevere in the good work they are doing!
  • Pray for each of our SAFE staff in Malawi:

Prof. Moira Chimombo, Executive Director
Prof. Dick Day, SAFE International Coordinator
Charlotte Day, SAFE International ECD and Gogo Grandmothers Coordinator
Mary Phiri, Director of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers
Benjamin Khoswe, Director of Finance and Administration
Precious Ntibula, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Philip Mwenegamb, National Education Coordinator
Catherine Cheonga, Regional Education Coordinator
Lameck Kananji, Jesus Film Coordinator
Aaron Gondwe, SAFE Haven Supervisor  
Brenda Lisimb, Community Supervisor-Zomba
Michael Mvundula Khumalo, Community Supervisor-Kachindamoto
Timaleni Biswick, Accounts Assistant
Sydney Kapindu, Driver

Thank God For…

  • Our Annual Gogo retreat October 7! God used this day to speak to our hearts about our love and obedience to Him, and connects us even more to the people and ministry of SAFE in Malawi. 
  • The gift of Lucy Nkhata (Mary Phiri’s daughter) was in being able to attend the Gogo retreat and represent her family and Malawi!
  • The successful discipleship training of 45 pastors at SAFE's Training     Center in Kondanani Village.
  • The Rancho Baptist Church mission team that went to Malawi September, 14- 29 and blessed our staff and everyone they ministered to with the love of Jesus.
  • The desire of 2 of the men on the Gaius Mission team to return to Zomba to help with plans for the development of the SAFE Haven and the negotiations with the city.
  • Our Gogo groups in Malawi who are growing in their love and knowledge of the Lord and their love for one another. They often pray now holding hands!
  • The Gogo groups here who are praying and raising funds for the upcoming need of fertilizer and seed for the gogos by December.
  • Our 3 newest Gogo group leaders -- Kathy Horn and Eileen Adams who have teamed up to lead the San Diego County Inland Gogo Group, and Kim Day who is leading the Valley Christian Fellowship Gogo Group!


Giving thanks this Thanksgiving for all of you who pray and give
of your time, treasure and talent to this ministry!