Updated january 8, 2018

Prayer is primary!  

“God will either give us what we ask or give us what we would have asked
if we knew everything He knows.” -- Tim Keller


One of SAFE’s Caregivers (preschool teacher) helping children learn their ABCs. It wasn’t long ago children in this village gathered in a tiny stick enclosure with a dirt floor and grass roof.

One of SAFE’s Caregivers (preschool teacher) helping children learn their ABCs. It wasn’t long ago children in this village gathered in a tiny stick enclosure with a dirt floor and grass roof.

Pray for…

  • Pray for the Caregiver (Preschool teacher) trainings that are being conducted by our staff Mary Phiri and Brenda Sanama. They will mentor, coach on lesson planning, theme development, record keeping and also be making some of the teaching aids needed.

                January 8-19  -- 36 caregivers from 9 CBCC’s in Zomba villages       
                January 22- February 2  --  12 caregivers from 3 CBCC’s in Lake Chilwa

  • Pray for the Muslim Chief, Chisupuli in Kondanani Village to come to know Jesus as his personal Savior. He came to the Pastor and Chief’s Retreat that Lameck (SAFE’s Jesus Film Coordinator) organized when many of the other chiefs stayed home -- partly because of the rain that day. He gave the land where our CBCC (preschool) is in that village.
  • Pray for God’s direction as we search for a new Executive Director for SAFE and God’s guidance in the transition for Moira Chimombo who will be retiring from that position next year.
  • Pray for our SAFE-Africa/Gogo Grandmothers Board of Directors retreat January 13-15. Pray for God to guide our time as we pray and plan together.
  • Pray for Dick Day as he puts the 6 A's of Positive Parenting into a small pamphlet, to be translated into Chichewa with success stories. This parenting training is improving the way parents and gogos are relating to their children in wonderful, surprising ways!
  • Pray, as a new school term begins, for our 93 orphan students receiving school fees. Pray they will exhibit Godly character, build strong healthy relationships and develop a strong Christian worldview.
  • Pray for the WHY WAIT? Truth for Youth curriculum to gain favor in a large way in the schools in 2018. The HIV/AIDs infection rate is still over 10%!
  • Pray that the Why Wait? Life Skills curriculum texts (being printed in India) arrive very soon so that they can be distributed to the 12 schools where 100 teachers have just gone through the Why Wait? training.
  • Pray for favor and a GOOD Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Zomba about the expansion of our SAFE Haven ministry on park property. We would love to see another classroom, library and permanent sports fields added for the children being tutored and discipled. There was a break though when the leader of our July mission team, with expertise in development, met with the city. He has drawn up plans and they are going over to Malawi Jan. 20. Pray as those are reviewed and submitted.
  • Pray for protection of the gogos from the heavy winds and rain which often blow off their weak roofs or damage their little, mud, brick houses during the rainy season.
    Pray for our 5 new Teen Mother Clubs that gather for sharing, encouragement and Bible study.
  • Pray for the gogos good health and God’s guidance and protection.
  • Pray for the young generation to love God and to do God’s desires.
  • Pray for the Community Based Organizations in villages to be just in their decisions.
  • Pray for village Chiefs’ to come to know their Savior and walk with Him.
  • Pray for our many gogo groups in Malawi to grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord and their love for one another. Pray that their leadership would be faithful, effective and wise and that they teach sound doctrine so they and the children will not be led astray.
  • Pray for our Gogo Groups here in the US who need God's wisdom and strength to persevere in the good work they are doing!
  • Pray for each of our SAFE staff:

Prof. Moira ChimomboExecutive Director
Prof. Dick Day, SAFE International Coordinator
Charlotte DaySAFE International ECD and Gogo Grandmothers Coordinator
Mary PhiriDirector of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers 
Benjamin KhosweDirector of Finance and Administration
Precious Ntibula, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Catherine CheongaRegional Education Coordinator 
Lameck KananjiJesus Film Coordinator 
Aaron GondweSAFE Haven Supervisor 
Brenda LisimbCommunity Supervisor-Zomba 
Michael Mvundula KhumaloCommunity Supervisor-Kachindamoto
Timaleni BiswickAccounts Assistant
Sydney KapinduDriver

Thank God For…

  • Rains have been better this year and the gogos’ gardens look healthy with just 4 more months to go until harvest time!
  • Gogo Emily Mitochi’s house will soon be repaired. She helped start our Gogo group in Mwaiwandigwela and she is also a cook and storyteller for the preschool. The roof blew off her house and this month we were able to send funds to help repair her home.
  • Moira Chimombo (SAFE’s Executive Director) shared this praise, “The Zomba Why Wait? Life Skills Curriculum workshop to train 100 teachers in 12 schools was one of the BEST Cathy Cheonga and I have ever conducted.” We are thanking the Lord for the motivation and commitment the teachers exhibited that will bless the students in their classes for years to come.
  • Over the Christmas break Mary Phiri (Director of ECD and Gogo Grandmothers) was able to successfully move into her new home that was built in Kondanani Village.
  • Funding assistance to build fuel-efficient stoves is beginning for our SAFE Life Youth Clubs in villages. They hope to build fuel-efficient stoves for the gogos. This will give them a chance to minister to the community about the love of Christ and help stop deforestation at the same time.
  • SAFE staff mobilized and distributed the money for fertilizer and seed early to 2,287 very needy Gogos -- God brought in the funds to cover this expenditure by New Year’s Eve!
  •  Mothers' Clubs in the villages are encouraging and counseling girls to go back to school. Over 60 girls— who are in child marriages or who are child mothers are back in school.
  • 4-day Parenting courses are being held in our villages where mothers and their families are joyfully beginning to put healthy Biblical principals to work in their homes.

  • Increased enrollments in our Community Based Childcare Centers (preschools) are making a difference in many more children’s lives!
  • The new CBCC being built in Kawiya Tikondane is almost done!
  • Huge Praise! Charlotte Day’s wound on her leg is finally healed!

Thank you for teaming up to make a difference in 2018!