Updated September 4, 2019

Prayer is primary!  

“And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” –Ezekiel 38:23 

The Gogos at Mwaiwandigwera watching the film,  "Walking with Jesus"

The Gogos at Mwaiwandigwera watching the film, "Walking with Jesus"

Pray for…

  • Pray for the planning in process for the SAFE/Gogo Mission Conference, Oct.12, at Mariners Church, and for God to “bring" every person He intends to be there. 

  • Pray for the caregivers and some of our staff who were trained in Phase I of the Building Understanding in Literacy Development (BUILD) project. Pray that they will joyfully put into practice what they learned for the children when our preschools begin on September 16.

  • Pray for the speedy completion of the Gogo Housing Project.The project was planned to end in September, 2019. One community: Mwayiwandigwera is experiencing some problems in that they have not yet started constructing their 3 remaining houses. Thanking the Lord for all who gave to help rebuild these homes after the cyclone!

  • Continue praying for peace to prevail in Malawifollowing the May elections that ended in dispute because the results are being contested in the courts. Instability can affect SAFE's implementation of activities.

  • Pray for the 650 children who have graduated from SAFE’s CBCCsto various primary schools. Pray that God will keep them safe and help them adjust and continue learning in sometimes difficult school environments.

  • Pray for the teachers who went through a Why Wait? Life Skills refresher course for primary and secondary school teachers in the Zomba and Machinga districts. Pray that teachers lives will continue to be changed so that they will see the Lord impact their students!

  • Pray that more funding will be provided to expand Why Wait?’s life skills trainingto hundreds of more schools, in order to save children’s lives physically and spiritually.

  • Pray for the 110 inmates who watched the Walking with Jesus film, while 9 woman inmates watched the Magdalena filmat Domasi Prison in Zomba. Also, 87 inmates watched the Walking with Jesus film at Mikuyu 1 Prison. The Walking with Jesusfilm helps people to grow their faith in Christ while the Magdalenafilm helps people to make a decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for the students in the SAFE-Life Youth Clubswho meet to encourage one another spiritually and look for ways to serve others and improve their lives. Pray for the new group of 20 youth that have formed a new club at SAFE Haven.

  • Pray for Jon Lewis as he leaves this month to go build a large playgroundfor the Community Based Childcare Center in Kachindamoto, then on to Zomba to build local material playgrounds. Pray for provision and protection!

  • Pray for God to make clear His plans for the team from Our Savior’s Churchplanning to leave for Malawi this month.

Continued Prayer Items…

  • Pray for our 80 caregivers that they will not grow weary in well doing as they teach and care for over 2,200 little children in our CBCCs (preschools) Pray toofor the little ones in their care that they will grow in wisdom and love.

  • Pray for staffing and funding to the wide open doors in Malawi to bring Why Wait?Life Skillsteacher’s training, curriculum and Bibles into ALL the primary and secondary schools surrounding our 22 CBCCs and beyond! Keep praying!

  • The team of educators we are calling B.U.I.L.D. (Building/Biblical Understanding In Literacy Development). Mary Phiri, Brenda Lisimba, Charlotte Day and several educators in Malawi, and Stacy Meyer and her team in the U.S.. Pray for wisdon and fundingto develop useful Chichewa literacy tools and trainings. (There are no books written in Chichewa for preschoolers and we have an opportunity to make many of these books with Biblcal content)  

  • Pray for a miracle for SAFE Haven -- aspeedy, favourable signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between SAFE and Zomba City Councilregarding the expansion of the SAFE Haven building and the future Memorial Library for Dick Day.

  • For God to multiply our Gogo groups donors and sponsors in the U.S. and to perfectly match them to the needs and growth of our programs and personnel in Malawi!

Pray for each of our SAFE staff in Malawi:

Happy MakalaExecutive Director
Charlotte DaySAFE International ECD & Gogo Grandmothers Coordinator
Mary PhiriDirector of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers 
Benjamin KhosweDirector of Finance and Administration
Precious Ntibula, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Catherine CheongaRegional Education Coordinator 
Lameck KananjiJesus Film Coordinator 
Aaron GondweSAFE Haven Supervisor 
Brenda LisimbCommunity Supervisor-Zomba 
Michael Mvundula KhumaloCommunity Supervisor-Kachindamoto
Timaleni BiswickAccounts Assistant
Sydney KapinduDriver
Gloria Cama, Community Supervisor for the Northern Region

Pray for our 80 caregivers that they will not grow weary in well doing as they teach and care for over 2,200 little children in our CBCCs (preschools)

Thank God for…

  • The successful evangelistic ministrythat was conducted at Lake Chilwa in Machinga on August 30 where over 280 people were reached with door to door sharing of the Gospel of Christ and the Jesus film. Earlier, 230 people watched the Jesus film at Chilimba Primary School ground around Lake Chilwa in Machinga. Out of the 230 people who watched the film, 60 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • The provision of 4th year internsfrom the Catholic University of Malawi who are pursuing a degree program in Social Work. Clement Golosi and Tionge Mulingo will be assigned to SAFE's Early Childhood Development program for 12 weeks.

  • Many encouraging Why Wait? storiesfrom both students and teachers about how the Why Wait? lessons are impacting them to want to live a life pleasing to God.

  • Open Day at SAFE Havenwhere the kids showcased their activities to the community, and 1,855 kids that month participated in activities at SAFE Haven.

  • Tionge Tiyesi, a long serving youth from Tadziwana,has been hired by World Vision as a health promoter. She returned to give a nutritional talk to the Kawiya parenting group and shared some well received ideas for preparing food. Our SAFE Life Youth continuing to give back!

  • The successful “irrigated" vegetable gardengrown by the gogos in Kachindamoto to help feed themselves and make a small profit. 

  • The wonderful response of the caregivers to the BUILD trainingand the beginning of the pilot program in 3 CBCCs (preschools)

Thank you for putting your “love in action” in 2019!