Updated APRIL 1, 2019

Prayer is primary!  

“You have been a strong-place for those who could not help themselves and for those in need because of much trouble. You have been a safe place from the storm and a shadow from the heat.” –Isaiah 25:4-5 

Village Headwoman Chuwalukonji of Makungula -- a long time member of Makungula Gogo group.

Village Headwoman Chuwalukonji of Makungula -- a long time member of Makungula Gogo group.

Pray for…

  • Pray for the gogos and children who have lost their homesin the cyclone -- as did many others in the southern region. Pray for them to know theLord as their shelterand protection as they wait for a home. 

  • Pray for Malawi as they move toward their elections May 21 --that there be peace and no violence. 

  • Pray for all our sponsored students as they are writing their end of second term exams-- that the Holy Spirit would help them remember what they have been taught.

  • Pray for the April Why Wait? training in Zomba for 63 teachers from Zomba and Lake Chiwa (Machinga) schools to be trained to teach this impactful Biblical life skills curriculum!

  • Pray for the health of the participants and the facilitaors.

  • Pray for Cathy Cheonga as she travels to Uganda on April 14to train teachers in WhyWait? Life Skills Curriculum.  

  • Pray for the inmates at Mikuyu 1 and 2, Mphyupsyu and Domasi Prisonsto open their hearts to Christ.  SAFE has been granted permission by the prison authotities to minister in these 4 prisons. 

  • Pray for the SAFE Life Youth Club membersin 14 villages as they continue meeting to grow in God's wisdom and guidance.

  • Pray for the men and women helping construct Tayamba in Luzi for 75 preschoolers, and Muwowo in Chipayika for 78 children. Thousands of chidren, over the years, will be fed and hear of Jesus’ love for them in these new preschool buildings!

  • Pray for the Lake Chilwa Pastorswho have gathered with Lameck and are intending to work togetherto reach out to this area.

  • Pray for the kids that attend SAFE Haventhat they will really experience transformation in their lives. Pray the kids will succeed in their studies in their respective schools following the extra tutoring they receive at the SAFE Haven.

  • Pray that parentswill continue sending their kids to the SAFE Haven.

  • Pray for the Mariners Gogo Group as they prepare for their fundraiser,  Sweet Repeats, April 6.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment for the SAFE-Africa US Boardwho will meet together April 7 

  • Pray for the 3 mission teamsgoing to Malawi in May, July and August. Pray for their support and preparation. 


Continued Prayer Items…

  • Pray for the successful recruitment of a capable full-time SAFE Supervisor for the Northern Regionwhere we have 3 sponsored SAFE village areas. 

  • Pray for our 80 caregivers that they will not grow weary in well doing as they teach and care for over 2,200 little children in our CBCCs (preschools)

  • Pray for staffing and funding to open doors in Malawi to bring Why Wait?Life Skillsteacher’s training, curriculum and Bibles into all the primary and secondary schools surrounding our 20 CBCCs. Keep praying – doors are opening!

  • The team of educators we are calling B.U.I.L.D. (Building/Biblical Understanding In Literacy Development). Mary Phiri, Brenda Lisimba, Charlotte Day and several educators in Malawi, and Stacy Meyer and her team in the U.S.. Pray for wisdon and fundingto develop useful Chichewa literacy tools and trainings. (There are no books written in Chichewa for preschoolers and we have an opportunity to make many of these books with Biblcal content)

  • Favorable outcome of the Memorandum of Understanding between SAFE and Zomba City Council regarding the expansion of the SAFE Haven area and the future Memorial Library for Dick Day.

  • For God to multiply our Gogo groups and sponsors in the U.S. and to perfectly match them to the needs and growth of our programs and personnel in Malawi!

Pray for each of our SAFE staff:

Happy MakalaExecutive Director
Charlotte DaySAFE International Coordinator
Mary PhiriDirector of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers 
Benjamin KhosweDirector of Finance and Administration
Precious Ntibula, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Catherine CheongaRegional Education Coordinator 
Lameck KananjiJesus Film Coordinator 
Aaron GondweSAFE Haven Supervisor 
Brenda LisimbCommunity Supervisor-Zomba 
Michael Mvundula KhumaloCommunity Supervisor-Kachindamoto
Timaleni BiswickAccounts Assistant
Sydney KapinduDriverPray for our 80 caregivers that they will not grow weary in well doing as they teach and care for over 2,200 little children in our CBCCs (preschools)

Thank God for…

  • God’s huge storm of love through His family that is supplying the funds to enable SAFE to reconstruct the 48 Gogo houses that collapsed during the cyclone.

  • Journey mercies provided to Cathy, Precious and Sydney during their trip North to monitor the teachers they had trained previously to teach Why Wait? Life Skills in their classrooms. They also distributed 120 Bibles in Kachindamoto, Nkhata-bay and Luzi. 

  • All the teachers implementing Why Wait? Curriculumin Malawi schools and for their faithfulness.

  • An opportunity for SAFE to take the Why Wait? Program to Ugandathrough Cathy Cheonga.

  • The successful “Mailbox Club” (Bible Club) training for teacherswhocame from 15 Schools and will now be able to help facilitate the afterschool Bible clubs for the students.

  • A three day retreat for the SAFE staff  -- with Spiritual teaching on the Armor of God, and their position as ‘warriors’ of the Lord Jesus!  Which they are!

  • The finished CBCC at Lake Chilwa Chiyambiwhere over 200 little ones now gather to learn.

  • Wonderful “Big Books” being translated into Chichewafor SAFE’s Community Based Childcare Centers.

  • The new Community Gogo Group that has formed in Fallbrook California to sponsor Chipayika Village,and their successful informational to gather members. 

  • The SAFE Life Youth Club memberswho are building toilets, bathing shelters and fuel efficient stoves for the gogos. Such a good service!

Thank you for teaming up to make a difference in 2019!