WHY WAIT? Truth for Youth curriculum in schools


The TruthS behind WHY WAIT?

WHY WAIT? gives African youth sensible reasons to abstain from sex and other risky behaviors.

WHY WAIT? helps them understand the human needs for a sense of belonging and a sense that their life has meaning, Thus, the following truths and values guide the curriculum:

Human dignity comes from being created in God's image

Family relationships reflect God's character

God's love embodies provision and protection

Human dignity requires stewardship

Servant leadership empowers followers

Cultural boundaries are relevant

Biblical values define virtuous behavior

Right choices must be rooted in truth

Healthy human sexuality is an expression of God’s creation

True love is an act of will and choice

A forgiven heart supports a new start

Our model to act correctly is Jesus Christ

Caring teachers influence healthy student behaviors


Africa’s next generation can be safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections and Develop Healthy Lives and families. 

Spanning Grades 5 through 12, the powerful WHY WAIT? Truth for Youth Curriculum currently brings to more than 400,000 African youth a brighter future through biblically-based life skills training on abstinence and character development!

In 1993, at the request of the Malawi Ministry of Education, Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment (SAFE) began developing a life skills curriculum, WHY WAIT?, for implementation by teachers in government primary and secondary schools throughout the country.  Today, African youth are receiving the best “ABC” AIDS prevention of all—guidance rooted in Abstinence, Be faithful in marriage, and Character (Christ-like character), not condoms.

Wherever the WHY WAIT? Curriculum has been introduced, schools have seen dramatically reduced dropout rates due to pregnancy or early marriage. In Malawi and a growing number of other countries, Africa’s next generation is now on the path to an AIDS-free future.

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The right message at key moments in young lives to stop the STI pandemic and secure their safe future!

WHY WAIT?  Because I am SPECIAL and worth waiting for!
WHY?  Because I am created in the image of God … both male and female!

A complete list of lesson topics by grade level can be supplied upon request.