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SAFE's YOUTH Development Programs - Preparation for a Fruitful Life

The median age in Malawi is 16.5 years. 66% of the population is under 24 years of age. SAFE knows the importance of working with the youth! They are the future of Malawi! Our SAFE Life Youth Clubs, SAFE Haven, Teen Mother Support Groups, Orphan Bursaries (school fees) and Mailbox Clubs are all positively impacting the lives of youth. They are producing youth with Christ-like character and servant-leader hearts.


Safe LIFE Youth Clubs in villages

SAFE Life Youth clubs for kids from age 10-21 are active in every SAFE-sponsored community. Life-skills training, service projects and discipleship through Bible study are the core activities for these groups. The youth and staff wrote a new SAFE Life Youth Manual they use in their groups for study and discussions on Abuse, Career Guidance, Cultural Beliefs and Practices, Economic Empowerment, Leadership, Media Discernment, Nutrition and Food Security, Peer Pressure, Puberty, Relationships, Role Models, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. The youth are encouraged to come up with income generating projects to help with their school fees. They have also served the poor gogos by fixing roofs, building latrines and making fuel-efficient stoves.

SAFE HAVEN - zomba community park

SAFE Haven is located in an abandoned park setting in the center of Zomba. Over 100 kids come every day after school to study the Bible, be tutored, explore art and drama, and play sports in programs led by Aaron Gondwe (Supervisor) and his volunteers. The beautiful 40-foot container, finished inside and out, was sent from the U.S. in 2012.  As you can see, SAFE Haven is bursting at the seams with kids! Both parents and school principals are remarking on the wonderful changes they are seeing in the children. This program is growing rapidly and needs more staff, structures and sports fields to support the number of kids who want to come.


MailBox Clubs

Excited primary students gather after school in Mailbox Clubs to learn about what it means to have a love relationship with Jesus Christ. In these clubs they have an opportunity to grow into spiritual maturity through child-friendly Bible study courses and relationships with other students. Our SAFE staff love to see the positive results in childen's lives that these clubs provide.