LATEST NEWS ... in Malawi ... in the U.S.


SAFE’s Obedience Impacts Teen Mothers:

The formation of SAFE’s (Sub Saharan Africa Family Enrichment) Teen Mother Support Groups is having a positive impact in communities around the Kawiya group villages. Mkwela village was so inspired by what was being done to bring back good morals and parenting skills to the youth in the Kawiya villages, that their chief asked for the secret behind such development. He was told how SAFE has helped form Teen Mother Support Groups — to counsel and support them during their weekly activities, and to encourage those girls who have dropped out of school to go back.

Later, under a tree, a 2-hour discussion was held with interested parents on the 5 keys of positive parenting. It was emphasized that God has entrusted parents to be the best role models for their children. A challenge was given to the parents to get involved with the girls in a supportive way if they want to see a change in their communities.

The RBC Mission Team Obeys God’s Timing:

Rancho Baptist Church in Temecula has supported the Gogo ministry for 9 years. They have prayed for God’s timing to take a team to the villages of Kawiya, and this year the door was opened for 8 to go.

They took gifts for the gogo men and women and many things for the children, including underwear, handmade wooden cars, cloth dolls, and science lessons. 200 colorful fleece jackets had been made by the RBC Gogo group for the preschool children. They loved them and wore them even on a warm day! (picture of children in jackets)

One objective for the RBC team was to build relationships with the SAFE staff and to encourage and support them and their ministry. Stacy Meyer, RBC’s mission team leader, has been involved in a lot of other mission opportunities and she shared at the retreat, “This was one of the most impressive groups of people I have ever met. The SAFE staff are passionate about their love for the Lord and their love for others and, as a result, our investment into this ministry is changing lives and producing fruit. 

Our two weeks in Malawi allowed us to see the scope of the ministry in a way some of us hadn’t really grasped before. One of our biggest revelations is that Gogo Grandmothers in the U.S. supports several ministries under the umbrella of SAFE in Malawi.”

Under Education and Youth Development the RBC team saw several programs:

 ***SAFE Haven is like an urban village in the center of Zombz. Over 100 youth come to hear the Word and be poured into by Aaron and his volunteers each day after school. Tutoring and fellowship are also part of the “urban village” that is growing rapidly and needs more staff and structures to support this growth. (group pix at safe Haven) 

—The Why Wait? curriculum and the Jesus Film are changing lives in the primary and secondary schools. The team went to a school of 3,000 students where Lameck is welcomed to share Jesus as a SAFE staff representative. But he is only one person and the the RBC team saw huge potential here! (Picture at school)

— SAFE Life Youth clubs are active in every SAFE-sponsored community. Cathy Cheonga, Director of this SAFE program, has a desire to set up a program where the youth do specific projects for the gogos. The first project is for the youth to build a fuel-efficient stove in each gogo home at a cost of $1.00 for the bricks. We hope we to raise an additional dollar per stove for their labor. The money the youth earn will go into an account toward further education. 

The three youth on the RBC team felt especially drawn to serve and support the youth in the Kawiya villages and this project. They are putting together a plan to enable the youth in their church to assist these Malawian youth. 

110 U.S. Gogos "Advance" at the October 7th National RETREAT

“The Other Side of Our Obedience” was the theme as men and women gathered to pray and learn from one another about SAFE’s work in Malawi. Several mission teams reported on their recent trips and shared their remarkable experiences. Gogo Grandmother groups from California were represented along with gogos from New York, Virginia and Louisiana!


One very special guest was all the way from Malawi – Lucy Phiri Nkhata who joined us for the day. Beautiful Lucy is none other than the daughter of our Malawian Director of Early Childhood Development – Mary Phiri.

It was an amazing time – reminding us that we are better serving together and that in Malawi it indeed “takes a village”

Burke gogos in their "coffee shop" fund-raiser,  Kawiyu Tidondane villagers fire bricks for a new Childcare center,  Kondanani Village caregivers make a fuei-efficient stove, SAFE Haven kids sport U.S.A. donated soccer uniforms.

Burke gogos in their "coffee shop" fund-raiser,  Kawiyu Tidondane villagers fire bricks for a new Childcare center,  Kondanani Village caregivers make a fuei-efficient stove, SAFE Haven kids sport U.S.A. donated soccer uniforms.

Laboring Here for Children There 

Villagers in Kawiya Tikondane have labored to mold and fire 35,000 bricks in this outdoor oven which are being used for constructing a new Community Based Childcare Center. They will be able to buy iron sheets, cement, nails and other needed supplies because the Burke Community Church Gogos in Virginia raised funds for this at their Coffee House Concert! What a beautiful partnership of labor for the children in this village! 

The caregivers (teachers) of our Community Based Childcare Center in Kondanani are making a fuel-efficient stove in their brand new outdoor kitchen! This was also a joint labor between the Granada Heights Gogos in California who raised the funds and village workers in Kondanani who supplied the labor!   

The Mariners Gogo Group has labored to make possible the wonderful programs at our SAFE Haven in Zomba. Aaron, our SAFE Haven Supervisor, and his volunteers labor to tutor and build relationships with the poor children living in the area. 

Laboring with Malawi Village Chiefs

Lameck, one of our SAFE staff, labored in prayer together with local village pastors in order to have an outreach meeting with 25 chiefs (mostly Muslim) from the Kawiya villages. They decided to show them the Magdalena film that shows Jesus' love and respect for women. The Muslim men regard women as second-class people in the community, so after the film it was awesome for Lameck to hear the chiefs praying and asking God to forgive them for their wrong attitudes. 

One chief commented, "What we saw in the film is what is happening in our communities… so we would love if you would show the film to all the people we are looking after so they would also turn from this behavior as we have now decided to do." Please pray for the men and women in the Kawiya villages this month who will see this film. 


Laboring in School  

Our 93 orphan students who receive school fees went back to school this September. They face many difficult challenges in their lives just to be able to go to school and stay in school. They often have to labor — not only in their classes — but also in someone's garden just to eat. Thank you for making school possible for them!