JESUS FILM…Showing much fruit


In Villages, public and private school classrooms... the jesus film, the magdalena film and Walking with Jesus films are having an impact!

Film brings the story of Jesus to life in ways that transcend written communication. This is true especially in oral cultures—places where written communication is scarce and electricity non-existent like in Malawi. When people see the life of Jesus portrayed on screen, it is life-changing. We show "The Jesus Film" in the schools as part of the Why Wait? Life Skills Curriculum that is based on the character of Christ. Many students give their lives to Jesus Christ and begin a journey with him after seeing this film.

In the villages after "The Jesus Film" is shown, the wonderful follow-up films that were made in Africa, called "Walking with Jesus", are scheduled to be shown. These films have had a great impact on changing the hurtful, sinful behavior of people in a village. Little children have given back things they have stolen, women have forgiven each other, and village chiefs have asked forgiveness for the way they have treated people. 

"Magdalena", is the compelling film portraying Jesus' tender regard for women. It has been especially impactful in our villages with a large Muslim population. "Magdalena" convicts men about seeing women as inferior, and inspires women to realize and reclaim the purpose God always intended for them.