Financial Policies and Practices for SAFE Africa, Inc. & Gogo Grandmothers groups


SAFE Africa, Inc. and Gogo Grandmothers in the USA exist solely to facilitate and support the ministry in Malawi, Africa of an official NGO (Non Government Organization) named SAFE (Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment). This group carries out numerous ministry activities in the villages and schools of Malawi—including Gogo Grandmothers groups, CBCC (Community Based Child Care) Preschools, Why Wait? public and private school life skills curriculums, and SAFE Youth, etc.

From a legal perspective, Gogo Grandmothers operates as a DBA (Doing Business As) subset of SAFE Africa, Inc.—a California corporation granted 501(c)3 non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service.  Thus, donations to “SAFE Africa” as well as “Gogo Grandmothers” are tax deductible. A receipt issued by the national organization is proof of deductibility.

 U.S. Gogo Grandmothers charters local community or church Gogo Grandmothers groups to assist in fund-raising and support for SAFE in Malawi, Africa.  They are authorized to use the Gogo Grandmothers name and logo in accordance with the written understandings in their approved group charter.

In Malawi, Africa the financial policies and practices of Sub-saharan Africa Family Enrichment are regulated by the country's Non-Governmental Organization's statutes and SAFE's Board of Directors.  Among the reporting requirements are a detailed annual financial audit.

Financial Policies:

SAFE Africa / Gogo Grandmothers receives and receipts donations from individuals and groups.  Following the close of the corporation’s accounting year on June 30th, federal and state tax returns are prepared and filed. Only donations that pass through the accounting records of SAFE Africa/Gogo Grandmothers qualify as tax deductible according to IRS rules. 

To minimize overhead and administration costs, the U.S. Board of Directors and leadership staff are all volunteers and operate “virtually”, with no physical office.

Local chapters of Gogo Grandmothers are legitimate non-profit groups only because of their chartered affiliation with Gogo Grandmothers nationally.  This charter does not convey to local groups legal non-profit or organizational standing with their state or local governments

Financial Practices:

Funds, which pass through the national organization’s accounting, have tax deductible status.  Local Gogo Groups cannot, nor are they authorized to, issue official receipts for donations.  

Because there are very legitimate expenses incurred in carrying out local promotional and fund-raising activities and events, Gogo Groups may create a reserve, managed by the local group’s treasurer, to meet these expenses.  Expenses paid out of pocket by local group members can be reimbursed from this reserve fund.

Because local groups do not have on their own legal business standing or non-profit status recognition, they cannot issue official donation receipts, nor can they open a “Gogo Grandmothers” bank account recognized by the IRS.  Any account opened under that name would necessarily be connected to the Social Security number of the authorized signer on the account.  And that person would thus become responsible for any tax reporting associated with funds in the account.

As needed by prior arrangement, larger reimbursement amounts can be issued by the national office, from funds on hand in the local group’s account as a result of their fund-raising efforts.

Questions about Gogo Grandmothers financial policies and practices may be directed to 1) the U.S. Gogo Grandmothers coordinator—Leslie Lewis at, phone (760) 500-4311, or Chairman of the SAFE Africa/Gogo Grandmothers Board of Directors—Steve Morales at, phone (858) 676-5344.

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